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Overview of refrigeration compressors

    The refrigeration compressor is the core and heart of the refrigeration system. The capacity and characteristics of the compressor determine the capacity and characteristics of the refrigeration system. In a sense, the design and matching of the refrigeration system reflects the capabilities of the compressor. Therefore, the refrigeration industry of all countries in the world has invested a lot of energy in the research of refrigeration compressors, and new research directions and research results continue to appear.
    The refrigeration compressor is the core energy-consuming component of the refrigeration system. The most direct and effective way to improve the efficiency of the refrigeration system is to increase the efficiency of the compressor, which will bring about a significant reduction in system energy consumption. At the same time, it can also avoid a large increase in material consumption caused by only taking measures on the system (such as blindly increasing the area of ​​the heat exchanger, etc.). With the increasingly serious energy shortage situation in the world, countries are paying more and more attention to energy-saving work and putting forward higher and higher requirements for the efficiency of energy-consuming products.

    Due to various losses such as friction, leakage, harmful heat transfer, motor loss, flow resistance, noise and vibration, the actual efficiency of the compressor is far lower than the theoretical efficiency. Therefore, in theory, any measure that can reduce any loss can improve the efficiency of the compressor. This objective fact has led to a wide range and broad direction of energy-saving research on compressors, and a variety of research topics and research results.

    The international energy-saving research work on compressors mainly focuses on several aspects: research on lubrication characteristics, friction characteristics of compressor bearing parts to reduce frictional power consumption and improve compressor efficiency; reduce leakage loss to improve compressor efficiency; use frequency conversion Or variable capacity technology realizes energy saving through the best match between the output of the refrigeration system and the user’s load. The content of this aspect, especially the frequency conversion technology, has been relatively mature and widely known.

    The research on air valves is an old subject but also an eternal subject. The research on improving the design of air valves to improve compressor efficiency is endless and rewarding. There are many researches in this area, covering everything from valve materials, motion rules, structural optimization to applicable theories and testing methods.