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Overview of spiral steel belt protective sleeve

    Performance: The spiral steel belt protective sleeve is a novel machine tool functional component, used for the protection of various precision machine tools, hydraulic pressure, various shaft systems, levers and ball screws such as CNC machine tools and machining centers. It not only has the functions of dustproof, anti-chip, anti-coolant, etc., but also can maintain the normal accuracy of the machine tool, extend the service life of the machine tool, and increase the beauty.
    Structural features: The spiral steel belt protective sleeve is made of high-quality spring steel belt after heat treatment, which protects the ball screw, shaft and rod parts. The protective sleeve is connected to the protected part without contact through the centering flanges installed at the two ends of the protected part. The safety of the connection between the protective sleeve and the centering flange is achieved by its own pre-compression elastic force, so it runs stably, stretches freely, and has very low noise during work. Its surface is black and glossy, which is similar to most of the machine tools. Lanware coordination.
    Ordering instructions: The spiral steel belt protective sleeve is customized according to the diameter and moving distance of the ball screw, shaft, rod parts, etc., so the following methods are used when ordering:
    1. The user unit selects according to the standard specifications provided by our factory.
    2. The user unit provides protective sleeves D, Lmax, Lmin (special requirements D2) (the code is shown in the figure), which are designed and manufactured by our factory, and the prices are uniformly drawn and calculated according to the standard specifications.
    Explanation: 1. Self-made for middle flange system users, our factory can provide sketches.
    2. The price is favorable for bulk order.
    3. Except for special size restrictions, D2 is not required.