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Parameters of torsion

    Torsion spring is the extreme of the variant spring. From single torsion spring to double torsion spring, the deformation of special-shaped torsion spring and even various torsion bars can be shaped according to design. Therefore, it is difficult to master the necessary information of torsion spring in design
    (1) Free length.
    (2) Control diameter: (a) outer diameter, (b) inner diameter, (c) inner diameter of casing, or (d) outer diameter of round rod.
    (3) Wire size “wire diameter”.
    (4) Material (type and grade).
    (5) Number of turns: (a) total number of turns and (b) right-handed or left-handed.
    (6) Torsion force: the number of pounds deflected to an angle.
    (7) Maximum deflection (angle from free position).
    (8) The form of the end.

    Please indicate: material diameter (d), outer diameter (d), torsion arm length (L), free height (LO), and other geometric dimensions, such as guide moment (T 1, T 2 T J) and corresponding and corresponding torsion angles (ψ)
    When the spring is twisted, the material is in the state of tension or shear, such as the calculation of torsion degree. Therefore, the limitation of the torsion angle is caused by the failure of the material. When the plastic deformation occurs, the material can not return to its original state.
    The von Mises stress calculated by the fourth strength theory is the maximum strength that the material can bear. Combined with the length of spring, the maximum allowable torsion angle can be calculated