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Precautions for processing manufacturers of drawing precision metal stamping parts

    Precautions for processing manufacturers of drawing precision metal stamping parts
    Precision metal stamping parts processing process_The main equipment for metal parts processing_What should we pay attention to in the processing of drawing precision metal stamping parts to ensure the process performance of the drawing hardware?
    Precision metal stamping parts
    1. First of all, pay attention to the shape of the workpiece. It should be as simple as possible and symmetrical. The reason is that it is an axially symmetrical stretched piece, which is uniformly deformed in the circumferential direction. And for the mold, it is easier to process in this case.
     2. The fillet radius of the workpiece should be appropriate. The main requirement is the bottom and wall of the workpiece, as well as the flange and wall, and the fillet radius must be able to meet the requirements. In addition, the fillet radius should be increased appropriately to facilitate forming and reduce the number of stretching.
    3. The size ratio of each part of the drawing precision metal stamping parts should be appropriate. During the design of the workpiece, flanges and workpieces with large depths should be avoided as much as possible. Because these two kinds of workpieces require more stretching times, to a certain extent, it increases product costs. If the workpiece does not meet the stretching requirements, it can be manufactured separately to make it meet the process requirements.
    Fourth, to avoid the uneven thickness of the workpiece, the position of the hole above it should be reasonable. The manufacturability requirements of these two workpieces also need attention. Pay special attention to workpieces that need to be stretched multiple times. In addition to this requirement, the position of the holes on the main structural surface of the stretched precision hardware should be kept on a flat surface to avoid problems.