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Precision stamping die

    Precision stamping die
    The precision stamping die industry is developing rapidly, and competition is increasing. Its processing, technology, and quality are constantly improving and innovating. Only good quality services and innovations that meet customer needs can win the market. Next, Ruishuo Hardware will introduce to you the process flow of precision stamping die processing.
    1. The bottom surface is processed and the processing volume is guaranteed.
    2. Alignment of casting rough standard, 2D and 3D surface allowance inspection.
    3. 2D, 3D profile rough machining, non-installation non-working plane machining (including platform surface, buffer mounting surface, pressure plate plane, side reference surface).
    The development of precision stamping parts mold “Ruishuo Hardware”
    4. Before semi-finishing, the side reference surface is aligned to ensure accuracy.
    5. Semi-finished 2D and 3D surface, finishing all kinds of installation work surfaces (including limit block installation surface and contact surface, insert installation surface and backside, punch installation surface, waste cutter installation surface and backside , Spring mounting surface and contact surface, various stroke limit working surfaces, inclined wedge mounting surface and backside), semi-finishing all kinds of guide surfaces and guide holes, leaving a margin for finishing process reference holes and height reference surfaces, and record data.
    6. Inspection and review of machining accuracy.
    The development of precision stamping parts mold “Ruishuo Hardware”
    7. Fitter inlay process.
    8. Before finishing, align the datum surface of the process datum hole and check the insert margin.
    9. Finishing surface 2D, 3D, side punching surface and hole position, precision stamping part mold processing technology reference hole and height reference, finishing guide surface and guide hole.
    10. Inspection and review of machining accuracy.