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Production capacity of automatic spring machine

    The automatic spring machine mainly manufactures various coil springs made of steel wire as the main raw material. It is a basic mechanical part with a large quantity and a wide range. Now all kinds of coil springs are constantly increasing in quantity. Produced to meet the needs of all walks of life. Therefore, the automatic spring machine has become an indispensable spring manufacturing machine tool.

    The automatic spring machine is an automatic equipment specializing in the production of mattress springs, which can automatically complete the spring and knotting of the spring. The SCM-3 automatic spring machine is a high-precision and high-efficiency compression spring automatic manufacturing equipment. It uses RCB precision one-way bearings , The feeding line is accurate, the feeding length can be adjusted arbitrarily, the speed adjustment is convenient and reliable, and it has the characteristics of stable transmission and low noise.

    It is widely used in high-precision cylindrical, pagoda, etc. industries in automobiles, machinery, light industry, home appliances, instrumentation, etc. Processing of drum-shaped compression springs. Main technical parameters: Wire diameter: 0.1-0.3 mm Spring outer diameter: ≤Φ8 mm Feeding length: 300 mm/time Production capacity: 15-180 pieces/minute. Automatic spring machines are not only used for springs Cylindrical spiral springs can be made, and variable diameter and pitch springs of various shapes can be made, and torsion springs with straight or hook tails at both ends, and hook extension springs with different lengths at both ends.

    The automatic spring machine is a special equipment for the production of springs. It winds the steel wire into a spring of a certain shape for subsequent processing such as tempering and end grinding. Aiming at the production requirements of large material diameter springs, based on foreign advanced technology , Developed a mechatronics-hydraulic integrated CNC spring machine, which solved the problems of unstable quality and high noise in the processing of large-diameter wires in the previous mechanical spring machines.

    Only the continuous improvement of the technical level of the research and development of automatic spring machines In order to promote the continuous development of the automatic spring machine industry, it can also meet the needs of various customers.