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Precision Metal Parts

Metal Stamping is mainly classified by process, can be divided into two broad categories: metal forming and progressive stamping. Precision metal parts are normally small metal parts so that require high dimensional accuracy, so most of them are used progressive stamping. We have mature mold design experience to meet the dimension requirement of your parts.

Another stamping method for precision metal parts is fourslide / multislide, which can handle many bends easily. we will choose the best way for our customers.

Materials of Precision Metal Parts:
Stainless steel, Spring steel with surface treatment, Brass, Alloy, ect.

Equipment of Precision Metal Parts:
Various Press Machine, Fourslide / Multislide Machine.

Capabilities of Precision Metal Parts:
Flat Material thickness up to .08″ ; Wire diameter up to .11″

Application of Precision Metal Parts:
Led lighting, auto industry, medical apparatus and instruments, toys, ect.