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Professional stamping power plug shrapnel factory

    Professional stamping power plug shrapnel factory
    Spring leaf: it is commonly used in shock absorber and relay delay device of machinery and vehicle.
    Power plug spring: is an important part of the switch, with the help of the continuity of metal shrapnel, it plays a high-quality switch between the operator and the product. At the same time, the stable resilience (automatic return after pressing) and long service life of the pot can provide the operator with high quality tactile feedback and power plug shrapnel
    The material of shrapnel is generally stainless steel, and the hardness is generally between 350hv and 550hv. After the die stamping forming, the relevant cleaning is the finished product.
    The spring piece of power plug has the following three functions on the connector:
    a. Provide a path between connectors to conduct telecommunication
    b. Pressure is generated to form and maintain the contact surface of the shrapnel
    c. Form solid contact