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Prospect of special section die spring

    Compared with other parts industry, the industrial technology of spring industry in China is quite backward. The original foundation is very poor, and semi mechanical processing is used to produce spring. This will certainly affect the rapid development of the whole spring industry and the development of a new spring product – special-shaped section strong spring

    1. In the process of product manufacturing, standards are the basis to ensure product quality. Now the spring manufacturers formulate their own technical standards and section specifications, which hinders the development of special-shaped cross-section die spring. It is suggested that the competent department should make overall planning and arrangement, formulate relevant national standards and product specifications as soon as possible to ensure the spring quality and facilitate the selection and use of users

    2. Die spring material is the “grain” of spring factory, which directly affects the spring production. Please develop and produce die spring as soon as possible so that the die spring can be widely used to reduce foreign exchange and go to the world

    3. It is suggested that the Ministry of mechanical and electrical engineering should incorporate the research and development of special-shaped cross-section spring coiler into the plan, and issue the relevant spring processing equipment to the designated factory for implementation

    4. Professional spring factories are all small factories with about 100 employees, and there are only over 700 employees in China’s spring factories which have been established for more than 50 years. Therefore, it is limited to rely solely on enterprise funds for scientific research. It is suggested that the state should support some qualified manufacturers, increase development funds, and develop special research on die spring design theory and technology

    5. In recent years, the sales situation of special-shaped section strong spring of die spring has been very good in the domestic market. Shenzhen mold spring manufacturers, which have been one step ahead in mold spring manufacturing, can use their own advantages to enter the international market,

    6. At present, the number and scope of the application of special-shaped cross-section spiral spring has been expanded, while the number and scope of circular cross-section steel wire spiral spring has decreased, and the number of rubber, especially polyurethane rubber spring, has steadily increased, Butterfly spring and nitrogen filled spring are in the stage of development. All professional factories should make corresponding plans according to their own technical and equipment expertise. “Let it go” or “herd” will bring unnecessary losses to enterprises