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Related understanding of composite spring

    Composite spring is a kind of cylindrical elastomer composed of metal coil spring and rubber after thermoplastic treatment. As a general accessory, it is mainly used as the elastic element of all kinds of vibration machinery. It is widely used in railway vehicles and road vehicles, vibration screen, vibration mill, vibration feeder and other vibration machinery support vibration isolation equipment. On the one hand, it supports the vibration body to achieve the required vibration, on the other hand, it can reduce the dynamic load transferred from the body to the foundation.


    The composite spring not only has the characteristics of large load-bearing, large deformation and low stiffness of metal spiral spring, but also has the nonlinear, structural damping and isotropic stiffness characteristics of rubber and air spring. The structure maintenance is simpler than the air spring, and the service life is longer than the air spring. When it is used in vibrating machinery, the vibration is stable, the lateral swing is reduced, the starting and stopping time is shortened by 50% compared with the metal spring, the amplitude of over resonance is reduced by 40%, the vibration reduction efficiency is improved, the noise of the whole machine is reduced, and the service life and safety of the equipment are improved. Composite spring is an advanced, practical and mature new product, which has been produced in foreign countries but not popularized in China.

    The performance characteristics of the composite spring have the characteristics of nonlinearity and structural damping of TT rubber spring, as well as the large deformation and bearing capacity of TT metal spiral spring. Its stability and bearing capacity are better than that of TT rubber spring, and its structure is simpler than that of air spring. Although the natural frequency is higher than TT metal spring, it is lower than TT rubber spring. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects:
    1. Unique structure and convenient maintenance.

    2. It can replace metal coil spring and has good damping effect.
    3. It can replace the anti vibration rubber spring, but it can bear a large load.
    4. It can replace stainless steel spring and has long service life.
    5. Vibration isolation spring suitable for large load and low frequency vibration isolation system
    6. It is suitable for working in flammable and explosive environment.
    7. The working characteristic curve is similar to that of air spring, but the structure is simple and there is no gas leakage.