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Requirements and precautions of stamping and stretching processing

    Requirements for stamping and stretching
    1. The shape should be as simple and symmetrical as possible
    2. The size proportion of each part should be appropriate, and the design of flange and deep drawing parts should be avoided as far as possible.
    3. The fillet radius should be appropriate. In order to facilitate the molding and reduce the drawing times, the fillet radius of the fillet of the tensile part should be increased as much as possible.
    4. The uneven thickness phenomenon should be considered, and the internal and external walls of the workpiece or the flange surface of the drawing part with flange should be allowed to have the marks produced during the drawing process.
    5. The hole position on the drawing part should be reasonably arranged. The hole position on the main structural plane should be set to keep it on a plane or make the hole wall perpendicular to the plane, so that punching and trimming can be completed in one process at the same time.
    6. The dimensional accuracy of the drawing parts should not be too high. The manufacturing accuracy of the drawn parts includes the accuracy in the diameter direction and the accuracy in the height direction.
    7. Selection of drawing oil: in the selection of drawing oil, in addition to the lubrication and cooling properties of drawing oil, the rust resistance, cost and easy maintenance of drawing oil should also be considered.
    Matters needing attention in drawing process
    1. The shape of the workpiece should be as simple as possible and symmetrical. The reason is that it is an axisymmetric stretching part, which has uniform deformation in the circumferential direction. And, for the mold, in this case is also relatively easy to process.
    2: The fillet radius of the workpiece should be appropriate. The main requirement is that the bottom and wall of the workpiece, as well as the flange and wall, should be able to meet the requirements. In addition, the fillet radius should be increased to facilitate the forming and reduce the drawing times.
    3: The size proportion of each part of the precision drawing part should be appropriate. In the design process of the workpiece, flange and deep workpiece should be avoided as far as possible. Because these two kinds of workpieces need more stretching times, so to some extent, it increases the product cost. If the workpiece does not meet the drawing requirements, it can be processed separately to make it meet the process requirements.
    4: To avoid the problem of uneven thickness of the workpiece, the position of the hole above should be reasonable. For these two workpiece process requirements, also need to pay attention to. Special attention should be paid to the parts to be stretched for many times. In addition to this requirement, the hole position on the main structural plane of precision hardware stretching parts should be kept in a plane to avoid problems.