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Rizhao puts into production a new auto stamping automated production line!

    Rizhao puts into production a new auto stamping automated production line!
    The 5000T automatic girder stamping production line project signed by Otto and Rizhao Xingye Auto Parts Co., Ltd. entered the factory for installation on April 25. The installation and commissioning personnel actively rushed to work and worked overtime. On May 6, the entire line was successfully automated.
    After more than one month of trial production, the equipment’s various indicators and performance have been recognized by customers, and it successfully passed the acceptance on June 22, setting a record for the shortest time acceptance of such equipment after leaving the factory! At the same time, it completely solved the user’s insufficient manual production capacity. The second-phase equipment will also be dispatched soon.
    Rizhao Xingye’s new auto beam stamping automated production line has the following advantages:
    High production efficiency: The production cycle of blanking mold is about 1.6 times/minute, and the molding mold can reach more than 1.2 times/minute, and the production efficiency is increased by nearly 30%;
    Low work intensity: automatic production of beams can be easily realized by automatic destacking machine, oiling, belt transmission, manipulator unloading and palletizing machine;
    High product quality and stability: The oiling device can realize automatic oiling of the sheet, the amount of oil can be adjusted, the sheet is evenly oiled, and the quality of the deep-drawn parts is improved; both the flapping and the manipulator adopt the servo control system to ensure The positioning accuracy of the loading and unloading and the stability of the quality of the workpiece; the conveying adopts a polyurethane timing belt, which has no wear to the sheet and ensures the surface quality of the product;
    Equipment maintenance costs and labor costs are reduced.