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Scientific Research of Construction Machinery (3)

    3 Scientific research on construction machinery must rely on information technology
    Some experts pointed out that today’s information technology has become the basic environment for the survival and development of manufacturing enterprises, and it is also a strong support for the development of the construction machinery industry. Design information technology can inject infinite power into product design innovation in manufacturing; business and production information technology can optimize resource allocation and management; process information technology supports advanced manufacturing technology; e-commerce and supply chain technology can promote The manufacturing market is reorganized; and the marketing and maintenance technology of the network platform provides a fast and comprehensive after-sales service system.

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    It is very obvious that the scientific research of construction machinery and the achievement of expected results are also inseparable from the support of information technology. Only relying on information technology to transform the traditional construction machinery manufacturing industry and achieve leapfrog development; making full use of the development results of information technology to establish a scientific and technological information network and related databases in the construction machinery industry will help to form a scientific research team to jointly conquer technology problem.

    In fact, it is precisely because of the rapid development of information technology that it has brought a revolution to scientific research in the construction machinery industry, which is an excellent opportunity to promote the development of the construction machinery industry. Because all kinds of modern design methods and advanced manufacturing technologies, such as concurrent design, virtual technology, flexible systems, intelligent processing and lean production, etc., are all concentrated expressions of information technology. Practice table

    Ming, relying on information technology can efficiently carry out scientific research and promotion of results, and finally make enterprise production and management more scientific and reasonable, resources and energy can be fully utilized, product technology content can be improved, and cost can be greatly reduced. Integrate enterprises in product design, manufacturing, material supply, inventory quality inspection, marketing and cost control. And shorten the product development cycle, adjust the quantity and variety of products in time to quickly respond to market demand. Make the product “zero defect” and “zero inventory” possible.

    In addition, through the implementation of informatization and strengthening of informatization construction, the overall competitiveness of enterprises can be improved, and it will also help construction machinery enterprises and products to go abroad. Therefore, relying on and implementing informatization is the only way to drive the industrialization of construction machinery, improve the quality of my country’s construction machinery products, and catch up with the world’s advanced construction machinery. 4 The scientific research of construction machinery should be based on building a brand

    Due to basic technology and management, we still lack construction machinery brand products with independent intellectual property rights. In the past, the door was closed and the products were regenerated, to the subsequent surveying, mapping and imitation of imported products, until now we have cooperated and joint ventures with foreign companies, and the products produced are either under foreign brands or co-branded, which have not yet been formed. Domestic brands that are “sounding” and “pull out”. Although the localization rate of some construction machinery has been quite high, key components (such as hydraulic parts such as engines, high-pressure pumps, motors and valves) still rely on imports. The fundamental reason is that we do not have the core technology to build our own brand.

    Obviously, the research and development of branded products has always been the core technology of the construction machinery industry and the most important condition for the development of an enterprise. Of course, it is also one of the important tasks of construction machinery scientific research. Practice has proved that once you have your own brand, it can not only bring vigorous development to the enterprises that produce the brand, but more importantly, it can also produce three kinds of effects: one is the continuous effect. An industry or a region, with more brand support, has a reliable guarantee for its economic growth; the second is the expansion effect. Brand enterprises can rely on their strength to continuously develop new products and open up

    This article is provided by the Machinery Knowledge Network, please pay attention to the content provided by the Machinery Knowledge Network

    new market; the third is the restructuring effect. That is to take brand products and brand enterprises as the leader, carry out effective corporate structure and industrial structure reorganization, and drive related industries. The accumulation of strong economic strength can further promote the forward development of the construction machinery industry. Therefore, it is obviously very important to focus on and strengthen scientific research on construction machinery brands.

    There are many construction machinery products, there are no less than a thousand kinds. What products should be selected as the key or goal of building a brand should first be selected on the basis of market research, the market demand is large, the technical connotation is rich, the correlation and the driving force are strong, and the engineering It is more appropriate to build products with high impact as the focus of brand research. Secondly, it is necessary to conduct careful research and in-depth analysis on the characteristics and quality of the brand, and propose corresponding measures to ensure the realization of brand characteristics. Furthermore, to implement technological innovation for the brand, only continuous innovation and injection of new technologies and new materials can make the branded products permanent and invincible in the fierce market competition. 5 Scientific research should be forward-looking, increase investment and increase technical reserves