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Shandong heavy industry reorganizes Weihai black leopard automobile

    On the morning of November 10, the signing ceremony of Weihai black leopard automobile strategic restructuring of Shandong heavy industry group was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. Shandong heavy industry group, China Heavy Truck Group and Weihai municipal government and Wendeng district government signed the four party agreement. Academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Lingwen, deputy governor of Shandong Province, and relevant leaders of the provincial SASAC, Provincial Bureau of industry and information technology, Weihai City and Wendeng district attended the event.
    According to the agreement of strategic restructuring, Shandong heavy industry group will carry out comprehensive strategic restructuring of Weihai black leopard automobile. This reorganization is another market operation under the new “four modernizations” integrated development road of the automobile industry “of” scale, collectivization, high-end and brand “by Shandong Provincial Committee. It is another battle for Shandong heavy industry to integrate the automobile industry resources in Shandong Province with high quality after Shandong heavy industry group completed the reorganization of China heavy truck and Weichai Power to Shengrui 8at automatic transmission A little bit of action.
    Weihai seal automobile was founded in 1980, formerly AVIC seal Co., Ltd. and ranked first in the domestic diesel micro card segment market for seven consecutive years. The company’s existing products mainly include light truck, mini truck, engineering dump truck, van type transport vehicle and other series products, with an annual production capacity of 100000. There are more than 1000 marketing service outlets, and the market is spread across the whole country except Tibet, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
    It is understood that as the core business unit of Shandong heavy industry group, China Heavy Automobile Group will carry the main task of this strategic restructuring. In 2018, Tan Xuguang, chairman of Shandong heavy industry group, took office at China Heavy Truck Group, opening the prelude to strategic restructuring between the two groups. After more than two years, China Heavy Duty Automobile Group has realized a leap forward transformation to high-speed and high-quality development. According to the “14th five year plan”, China Heavy Duty Automobile Group will become a first-class commercial vehicle group in 2025, and strategic restructuring of Weihai black leopard will be a win-win option.
    In a speech, Ling Wen, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and vice governor of Shandong Province, said that the strategic reorganization of Weihai black leopard automobile is an important part of Shandong heavy industry series reform combo boxing, and is a win-win strategic cooperation. It is hoped that Shandong heavy industry will take the new concept of high-quality development in the new stage as the guidance, coordinate the domestic and international markets, adhere to the domestic and international major cycle as the main, and promote the domestic and international double cycles mutually, leading the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Shandong Province, especially the automobile industry, to achieve a greater leap forward. Hope that the leopard car will create a new leopard with high development level in the new stage, new concept and new pattern!