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Shrapnel structure production process

    Battery shrapnel production process
    The production of battery shrapnel is a special process in which materials (metal or non-metal) are processed into parts (or semi-finished products) in cold stamping processing through stamping dies. Stamping is to apply the material to the material at room temperature using a mold installed on a press A pressure processing method that causes separation or plastic deformation to obtain the required parts.
      Metal shrapnel specifications
    A. The current size of round round shrapnel is concentrated on the smaller end, like 2.5mm-5mm, which are the advantages of this series of shrapnel. The round series can also be up to 16mm or more, and the strength is generally from 100gf To 600gf. At the same time, sometimes we can customize various specifications and sizes of shrapnel according to customer requirements to meet the different needs of customers. Round metal shrapnel can be divided into dots and without dots, and dots are divided into With one point and multiple points (3-5), the existence of pits reduces the occurrence of poor conduction to a certain extent, and increases the conduction performance of the product. In addition, the design is convenient, taking into account the special characteristics of membrane switch manufacturers Requirements, we will make medium rice and three-sided rice on a certain size of the circle to achieve the effect of increasing height and feel. From the shape of the product, it is a relatively regular shape, so in the conventional specifications , Often the life of the round shape will be longer than that of other specifications of metal shrapnel.
    B. The advantage of triangular metal shrapnel (stainless steel shrapnel) is that it can have the greatest strength under the same diameter, such as those larger than 600gf and above are the advantages of this series of shrapnel, used in special occasions, such as the need to press hard to guide To avoid manual misoperation, etc. The conventional size of this triangular shrapnel is from 5-12mm, and the strength is generally between 150gf and 6,000gf. In addition, unlike other models, this shrapnel product can be made with two feet The angle width is generally 0.8mm, and there are also specifications such as 0.7~1.0mm; the foot length is divided into three types: short feet, 0.8mm long; middle feet: 1.5mm long and long feet: 3.0mm long or longer. Relying on two corners, it can be easily positioned on the PCB board, eliminating the need for soldering or surface filming.
    B. Cross-shaped series metal shrapnel refers to four-leg shrapnel, also called four-corner shrapnel. It is mainly used for single and double panels, soft boards and membrane switches. There are two types of cross-shaped shrapnel: no meter position (also Called’point’), with a medium meter. From its structure, the height of the cross-shaped shrapnel is often higher than other specifications, so the hand feel is better than other specifications. Therefore, when there is more space on the PCB, then This series of shrapnel can be used. Like commonly used membrane switches, most of them use cross-shaped shrapnel. The maximum cross-shaped series can be 20mm or more, and the strength is generally between 120 grams force and 600 grams force.
      Other specifications: rectangle, irregular shape, etc.