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Speed regulating spring – common sense of spring maintenance

    Common sense of using and maintaining speed regulating spring:
    Attention should be paid to the following points when using the speed regulating spring of small diesel engine.
    (1) after the diesel engine stops and fires, the speed regulating handle should be placed at the stop position, so as to prevent the speed regulating spring from being stretched for a long time, resulting in the weakening of the elasticity.
    (2) The speed regulating spring and other parts should be cleaned regularly to avoid blockage of dust and sundries, resulting in jamming and affecting the normal operation of the governor.
    (3) It is not allowed to use the method of “locking” the speed regulating spring to increase the engine speed, otherwise serious consequences may be caused.
    (4) The speed regulating spring can not reach the speed of diesel engine due to its small elastic force after long-term use. At this time, the adjusting screw can be used to adjust it. When adjusting the adjusting screw, the engine speed must be measured with a tachometer.