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Spring fixing structure of reciprocating compressor

    A spring fixing structure for a reciprocating compressor, including a frame, a reciprocating motor, a piston, a cylinder, and a resonance spring; the frame is elastically supported inside the box; the reciprocating motor is installed inside the frame so that the rotor runs along a straight line Back-and-forth movement; the piston is combined with the rotor of the reciprocating motor, and it performs linear reciprocating motion together with the rotor to suck fluid and compress it; the cylinder is fixed on the frame, so that the piston is slid and inserted to form a compression space;

    the resonance spring is provided in the rotor or combined with the rotor Between the upper spring support table and the frame, the rotor and the piston of the reciprocating motor are guided to resonate together; the spring fixing part with the inlet inclined surface is formed in the frame and the rotor in contact with the end of the resonant spring or the spring combined with the rotor On the support platform. The invention makes it easier to insert and fix each resonance spring.