Spring in several technical terms

Spring processing, some commonly used terms in spring, for our customers who often deal with spring, may be more familiar. But I think we should only understand part of it, because we don’t need every kind of spring. We certainly know what we need. Let’s take a look at some common terms and definitions of springs.
Spring: an elastic element that makes use of the elastic and structural characteristics of the material to maintain a specified relationship between deformation and load;
Cylindrical spiral compression spring: cylindrical spiral spring bearing compression force;
Cylindrical spiral extension spring: cylindrical spiral spring bearing tensile force;
Cylindrical spiral torsion spring: cylindrical spiral spring bearing torsion moment;
Unequal pitch cylindrical spiral spring: cylindrical spiral spring with unequal pitch;
Ring spring: a spring composed of a plurality of three elastic rings with inner and outer conical surfaces;
Compression type rubber spring: rubber spring bearing compression force;
Torsion rubber spring: rubber spring that bears torsion moment.