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Spring machinery-surface treatment equipment

    1. HH942 Metal pretreatment “two in one”
    Performance characteristics: Non-toxic, non-polluting, non-irritating odor, safe to use and stable performance.

    Working at room temperature, it is used for the pretreatment of various steels to remove oil and rust. You only need to soak the workpiece in this product for 5-10 minutes, and the detergency can reach more than 95%. It has the effect of emulsifying and dispersing oil molecules, so the dirt-carrying effect is good, and the surface of the tank liquid does not float, so it can prevent the pollution from occurring after the parts are processed. At the same time, it is easy to clean after treatment, and there is no dust on the surface of the parts. It has a good penetration and wetting effect, and can penetrate between the oil stain and the substrate to make it peel off. The surface is shiny and moist after cleaning.

    2. HH102 metal high-efficiency degreasing agent

    Performance characteristics: It can be used in low temperature conditions, low energy consumption, can reduce production costs and improve production conditions. It is suitable for degreasing steel and has long-lasting degreasing ability.

    3. HH972 Metal Sealing Agent

    Performance characteristics: non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-explosive. It is often used in the post-treatment of steel blackening at room temperature, which can significantly improve some performance characteristics of the blackening film at room temperature. The corrosion resistance of the metal surface is greatly improved.

    4. HH921-2 rusty phosphating solution

    Performance characteristics: The process method is simple and convenient, economical and practical, no waste gas, waste residue, waste water, and no water pollution. Compared with the traditional phosphating process, it is simpler, environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant, and has better binding force than the traditional rust-painted anti-rust primer. It is especially suitable for surface phosphating of large-scale equipment assembled on site.

    5. YWX/Q-020 Salt spray box

    Performance characteristics: The salt spray box uses salt-containing solution or acidic salt-containing solution, which accelerates corrosion of materials or products under a certain temperature and relative humidity environment, and reproduces the degree of damage suffered by the material or product within a certain time range . It is widely used for accelerated salt spray corrosion test of metal material protective layer, mechanical parts, electronic components, auto parts, industrial products, coatings, etc.