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Spring steel coil drying and coiling process

    (1) The main process of spring steel strip The main process is squeezing, centering, edge punching, sub-coiling and shearing, welding seam shearing, leading and coiling.
    (2) Spring steel strip process operation The process operation process is:
    1) The washed steel plate is squeezed dry by a pair of squeezing rollers, and then enters the strip dryer for drying. The strip temperature is about 60 at this time. C, the thickness of the surface water film is about 15-25
    ym. The dryer is equipped with 8 blowing pipes arranged symmetrically above and below the strip steel. The hot air blows to the surface of the strip through the flat seam nozzle. The hot air temperature is 1200C. The cold air at 20°C is heated to 1200C by a steam heater.
    2) After drying, the strip steel passes through the No. 5 centering control roll (single roll guide type) and the No. 3 S roll to enter the back looper that can store about 194m of strip steel. The structure of the rear looper is the same as that of the front looper, and is equipped with a No. 6 centering device (three-roller type).
    3) Strip steel is pulled out from the rear looper by No. 4 S roller, and sent to the edge punching machine to remove the edges of the weld seam to ensure the adjustment of the disc scissors head when changing the strip width.
    4) The strip steel enters the non-powered rotary disc shearing edge through the No. 7 centering control device (three-roller type). Cut the side edge (the widest 25mm) cut by the disc cutter into 150-
    After the 200mm long strip, it is conveyed to the collecting box by the belt. The sheared strip is sent to the hydraulic cross-cutting shears by No. 5 S roller for sub-coil shearing and welding seam shearing. The cut welds will slide directly into the collecting box below.
    5) The strip steel enters the coiler after being guided and guided rollers. When the strip end enters the jaws of the reel and is bitten, the coiler can start to work. The No. 5 S roll in front of the coiler can provide back tension for the coiler.
    6) Automatic control device for coil edge. In order to ensure the neatness of the coils, the coiler is equipped with an edge control device, which can automatically control the axial movement of the coiler by ±150mm. The coiled steel coil is unloaded from the coil by the unloading trolley and placed on the coil output walking beam. After being bundled, weighed, and printed, it is transported to the yard before cold rolling. Tangshan Iron and Steel’s 1.4 million t/a continuous pickling production line process