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Spring steel prices in Nanjing market fell slightly

    Nanjing News: Today, the spring steel market price in Nanjing dropped slightly, and the transaction was average. The current market quotation is chaotic. The mainstream price of Nangang 60Si2Mnφ16-50 is 5650 yuan/ton, and some early resources are reported at 5300 yuan/ton. According to traders, the price of spring steel has not been affected by the rebound of building materials and has shown an upward trend; on the contrary, the sluggish market demand once caused the price to fall. At present, the country has entered the traditional low season for steel consumption in July and August. Due to the rainy season and the subsequent hot summer, the negative impact of construction site suspension on long product consumption has increased, resulting in a callback in long product demand. At the same time, steel for automobiles and construction The decline in steel production and the high inventory of domestic steel companies have suppressed the rebound in steel prices.
    As of press time, the current spring steel reference prices in the Nanjing market are as follows: Nangang 60Si2Mnφ16-50 offers 5650 yuan/ton, φ6.5-12 offers 5650 yuan/ton, φ60-90 offers 5650 yuan/ton; 60Si2Crφ16-50 offers 5850 yuan /Ton, φ6.5-12 price is 5850 yuan/ton, φ60-90 price is 5850 yuan/ton; 60Si2CrVφ16-50 is quotation 6850 yuan/ton, φ6.5-12 is quotation is 6850 yuan/ton, φ60-90 is quotation is 6850 yuan/ Ton.