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Stainless steel stamping parts

    Stainless steel stamping parts
    Stainless steel stamping parts refer to the stamping products made of stainless steel materials. The specifications and models of stainless steel are different, and the manufacturers are also different. The general stainless steel stamping parts are processed and produced.
    It has the following characteristics:
    (1) High yield point, high hardness, obvious cold work hardening effect, easy to crack and other defects.
    (2) The thermal conductivity of carbon steel is worse than that of ordinary carbon steel, resulting in large deformation force, blanking force and drawing force.
    (3) When drawing, the plastic deformation is severe hardening, and the sheet is easy to wrinkle or drop.
    (4) Drawing die is easy to appear adhesion lump phenomenon, resulting in serious scratch on the outer diameter of parts.
    (5) When drawing, it is difficult to reach the expected shape.

    How to choose the material of automobile stamping parts? Choice is often more painful, today’s Xiaobian is to alleviate the pain for everyone.
    Let’s take a look at the factory where the small braid is selected. First, according to the type of automobile stamping and the characteristics of use, we can select metal materials with different mechanical properties, so as to ensure the product quality and save materials.
    Generally, the following principles should be followed when selecting the materials of automobile stamping parts:
    1. Firstly, the selected materials should meet the performance requirements of automobile parts;
    2. The selected materials should have good technological properties;
    3. The selected materials should be economical.