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Stamping parts manufacturer

    Stamping parts manufacturer
    Generally speaking, customers not only pay attention to the accuracy, delivery time and confidentiality of materials, but also pay great attention to the price of stamping parts. Since there is no fixed price for stamping parts, quotation must be made according to drawings. Therefore, it is necessary to master its calculation method to know whether it has been punished by the manufacturer. Ruishuo hardware will introduce the price calculation of stamping parts for you Calculation method.
    In general, the price of stamping parts is related to its volume. The larger the material volume is, the larger the material required during processing. Therefore, the higher the cost is, which will lead to an increase in price What is the dimensional accuracy of metal stamping parts?
    Secondly, the more complex the shape of the hardware, in the processing, the quality of the equipment and the professional level of the operators, have higher requirements, correspondingly, the labor cost will also rise, which will lead to the increase in the price of hardware.
    Thirdly, the more surface treatment processes, the longer the processing time will be. In addition to the relationship between the price of hardware and materials, the labor cost also accounts for a large proportion. The more surface treatment process, the more time it will take. Therefore, the labor cost will increase. Therefore, the number of surface treatment process is closely related to the price.