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The advantages and disadvantages of the computer spring machine

    In response to some recent consultations on the spring machine, I felt weak to the fact. Last year asked a lot of people asked small machine, near the end of the year when asked more and more people, and is a big machine. This year after the beginning of spring also big machine more, it seems to turn to the development of large machine, perhaps because the motor industry has driven a large number of industries! Large machine that is to produce products with a relatively large line diameter, generally hit the wire diameter of large spring machine, must be large, large tool, can be forced. But the equipment is big, of course, more materials, more materials, the cost is also high. Price is not up to the price!

    Spring machine computer version than mechanical old machine almost double the price, mechanical machine we call the earth machine, is the need to manually operate, is not automatic spring machine, no computer program can be set, reed when people are not a gesture then spring is not the same, so a lot of money, precision is very poor! If the amount of such a reed is very large and the precision requires a high degree of precision, basically do not consider the mechanical machine.

    Computer spring machine has the advantages that mechanical machine snot, but the price is much more expensive than machinery. Computer, computer servo system these development and maintenance are also increased a lot of costs. Especially the big machine, double the price that is a very large number ah! Anyway, I can’t afford it.