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The application of sensors in electronic tensile machine manufacturing

    Description of the application of sensors in electronic tensile machine manufacturing: In electronic tensile machine manufacturing and other mechanical manufacturing, sensor technology is an important link to achieve testing and automatic control. In the mechanical manufacturing test system, it is used as an instrument positioning. Its main feature is that it can accurately transmit and detect a certain form of information and convert it into another form of information. Specifically, sensors refer to those components or devices that have the function of sensing (or responding) and detecting certain information of the measured object, and convert it into corresponding output signals according to certain rules. If there is no sensor to accurately and reliably capture and convert the measured original information, all accurate testing and control will not be achieved; even the most modern electronic computer does not have accurate information (or reliable data conversion) and no distortion Input will not be able to give full play to its due role.
    In the application of electronic tensile machine manufacturing, the main characteristics of high-quality sensors are embodied as: * long life, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability; * meeting the accuracy and speed requirements; * easy to use and maintain, suitable for machine tool operating environment; * cost Low; *Easy to connect with the computer. Sensing technology for cutting process and machine tool operation The purpose of cutting process sensing detection is to optimize the productivity, manufacturing cost, or (metal) material removal rate of the cutting process. The targets of the cutting process sensing detection include the cutting force and its changes in the cutting process, chattering during the cutting process, the contact between the tool and the workpiece, the state of the chips during cutting, and the identification of the cutting process. The most important sensing parameters are cutting force, Cutting process vibration, cutting process sound, cutting process motor power, etc. For the operation of the machine tool, the main sensing targets include the drive system, bearing and slewing system, temperature monitoring and control, and safety, etc. The sensing parameters include the machine’s downtime and the surface roughness of the workpiece. And machining accuracy, power, machine tool status and flow of cooling lubricant.