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The characteristics and application of reeds

    Features of reed:
    The reed is a coil spring under pressure, because it can withstand pressure, the ends may be open or closed or winding or grinding flat, it uses a material cross-section is mostly round, also useful rectangular and multi-stranded steel roll, the spring has an isometric and variable pitch, the shape of the compressed spring There are: cylindrical, converted, mid-convex and mid-concave, as well as a small number of non-circular and even a variety of tail-end variants, can be products need to be molded according to the design, the reed ring and ring between a certain gap, when subject to external load spring shrink age deformation, storage deformation energy.

    Application of reed:
    Spring Compression is the most widely used of all spring categories, with a wide range of products and electronics, motors, computers, information, steam locomotives, bicycles, hardware tools, gifts, toys, and even the defense industry, because its design and principles are easy to master, manufacturing control is the most simple.