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The development prospects of computer spring machine

    The rapid development of spring machinery in the past 5 years is a spring machine industry practitioners have made a lot of efforts, but also benefit from China’s adjustment of economic growth in recent years. This report is based on a large amount of information published and provided by the National Bureau of Statistics, the China Chemical Industry Association, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Development Research Center of the State Council, the China Economic Climate Monitoring Center, and relevant publications at home and abroad. And relying on many years of research experience in the spring machine industry, combined with the spring machine industry over the years supply and demand changes law.


    The report analyzes the development of the world spring machine industry as a whole and in some areas from 2010 to 2015, the macro-development environment of China’s spring machine industry, and the overall development status of China’s spring machine industry. The report analyzes in detail the production and marketing trade situation and forecast, regional development and prospects, industry-specific economic performance, market competition environment, key enterprise development and international competitiveness of the industry in a micro-detailed analysis. In the field of industry investment, the report analyzes the investment risk of the industry from the macro and micro levels, expounds the prevention and countermeasure of the investment risk of the industry, and the investment strategy of the industry. For the future development trend of the industry, the report analyzes the direction of the industry’s development, and uses a scientific method to predict the industry’s output value, income, profit, assets for 2011-2015.


    In recent years, China’s spring machine industry has made great progress, but there are some problems in the development of the industry, and compared with foreign countries there is still a big gap. Due to the lack of core technology in China’s manufacturing industry, label production is still the general survival mode of “Made in China”. Many high – end products on the surface of Chinese production, in fact, the core technology comes from abroad. To this end, the “12th Five-Year Plan” clearly states that we must continue to play the basic role of the market and the combination of government guidance and promotion, combine scientific and technological innovation with the realization of industrialization, deepen institutional reform, take enterprises as the main body, promote the combination of industry, research and development, so that high-end manufacturing industry becomes the leading industry and pillar industry of the national economy. The upgrading and transformation of manufacturing industry has a profound influence and significance for the spring machine industry.