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The development trend of spring processing technology

    Trends in spring processing technology:

    At present, with more and more multinational enterprises entering our country, the local advantages of our hardware enterprises are being challenged. China’s metal stainless steel enterprises, especially growth enterprises must be sober, must firmly grasp the strategic development opportunities for their own set up a reasonable development goals. If you can’t go up against the current, you’re only going to die. Is the enterprise looking for profit maximization or creating value for customers or benefiting its employees? These points are the goal of the enterprise, but fundamentally speaking, if we can only choose one of the most important goals, value is the highest goal pursued by the enterprise.

    A) The outer diameter of the variable spring, the change pitch and the diameter of the variable wire (three changes) suspension spring achieve smouldering processing. Since the development of the three-change spring, has been using tapered steel rods in the CNC lathe winding processing, but the finished product rate and price are not ideal. Now changed to the heating state through the reed machine, control the roll speed and pull pull force, to obtain the desired cone shape, and with processing residual heat for quenching.

    B) Hollow stability spring rod is welded with low carbon boron steel plate roll.

    C) The twisting rod uses a high purity 45 steel, which obtains the high hardness of the surface and the large residual compression stress by high frequency quenching, thus improving the fatigue life and anti-relaxation ability.

    D) The widely used sheet springs of electronic products are basically formed by stamping and automatic bending. At present, it is mainly to develop the bonding technology of composite materials.

    Metal products are widely classified, China has gradually become the world’s large metal processing countries and export countries, and has become one of the world’s hardware production countries, with a broad market and consumption potential.

    Take the mold hardware as an example, mold hardware is also an important part of China’s hardware industry, “12th Five-Year Plan” period is China’s key period to properly cope with major changes in the development environment at home and abroad, accelerate the realization of the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, but also the key period of the healthy development of China’s mold manufacturing industry, although there are many domestic and foreign environmental uncertainties, but China’s economic development is still in the high-speed growth period, China’s mold market still exists in the international mold market comparative advantage, domestic mold market expectations continue to be optimistic, Mold industry development shows a general trend.

    Mold accuracy will be higher and higher.10 years ago, precision mold accuracy is generally 5 microns, now has reached 2 to 3 microns, soon 1 micron precision mold will be listed. This requires ultra-finishing. The mold industry will become larger and larger. This is due to mold molded parts increasingly large and high production efficiency requirements and the development of “one – mode multi-cavity” caused. Mold industry multi-functional composite mold will be further developed. In addition to stamping molded parts, the new multi-functional composite mold is also responsible for the assembly tasks of laminating, tapping, riveting and locking, and the performance requirements of steel are getting higher and higher.