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The first batch of trial production vehicles of China Express go offline

    On October 30, the Chinese express new energy vehicle project and the first batch of trial production vehicles of Gaohe hiphi x went off the production line smoothly. Gaohe hiphi x made its debut at Beijing auto show, which attracted attention. The trial production vehicle was successfully off the production line, marking the steady progress of vehicle mass production. It is estimated that the delivery time of new cars officially sold will be in the first half of next year.
    Goho hiphi X has realized the automatic offline of driverless vehicles. Through the self-developed vehicle road collaborative automatic driving technology, the vehicles can automatically drive from the production line to the designated delivery area, and realize the intelligent parking scenarios such as unmanned warehouse removal and unmanned vehicle extraction. This is another application scenario of Chinese express in the high-level automatic driving scene of vehicle road cooperation after intelligent road project of vehicle road cooperative automatic driving, Zhangjiang 5g unmanned automatic driving Park project and AVP of fully autonomous valet parking, which is of great significance to the realization of high-level automatic driving and intelligent transportation technology. In the future, it can also be promoted and applied in underground parking lot, smart highway, demonstration park and other scenarios to create a more efficient, safer and more comfortable intelligent travel experience.
    According to reports, high hi phi X adopts the world’s leading automobile manufacturing technology, which can realize the flexible and automatic production of multiple models. The body adopts the adaptive spot welding, FDS and SPR aviation level fastening connection technology, and is compatible with the steel aluminum hybrid special process body manufacturing. It realizes the high-strength connection of heterogeneous materials, has good air tightness and water tightness, and makes the body more stable and durable. The whole process also greatly reduces the consumption of energy and environment The connection automation rate is 100%, and the key parameters are 100% automatically monitored. The combination of CMM + Blu ray + on-line measurement is used for fine size control, and the large parts are 100% automatically transported to the station through AGV and EMS transportation technology.
    Hiphi x adopts 8-layer coating technology to achieve art-class paint quality and color expression. It adopts the third generation robot system of dur, Germany, with 100% robot automatic spraying on the internal and external surfaces. The painting room reaches the level of operating room, ensuring the film-forming quality of the paint surface, which makes hiphi x the best X achieves the appearance standard of luxury cars of the same level of Porsche; the unmanned spraying area adopts the circulating air technology, plus the most advanced dry paint mist collection technology, runner adsorption, RTO and other treatment technologies in the world, which can greatly reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and reduce energy consumption, which is superior to the most stringent international standards, and the production is more environmentally friendly and green.
    The general assembly adopts the intelligent online production operation system covering the whole business chain, such as order placing, production scheduling, production arrangement, quality management, error proofing, equipment management, supply chain management, etc. the vehicle assembly adopts the endless lifting AGV and ultra silent EMS transportation technology, which has excellent human-machine friendliness and process flexibility, and adopts 360 ° on a large scale AGV logistics distribution system, the automatic online rate of parts is more than 90%, using OTA high-speed wireless technology, can realize remote activation and program filling of vehicles, using the first mass production vehicle production line driverless and parking system, using R & D level road spectrum for road test of offline vehicles, to ensure the quality of vehicle delivery.