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The mechanical properties of 65Mn spring steel

    What kinds of 65Mn spring steel can be divided into according to mechanical properties
    65Mn spring steel according to mechanical properties
    Heat treatment I 65Mn spring steel (38-40 °); Ⅱ 65Mn spring steel (40-45 °); III 65Mn spring steel (45-50 °) and 65Mn spring steel (50-55 °)

    5. According to production process
    The strength of 65Mn spring steel produced by hot rolling, cold rolling and cold drawing, as well as the heat-treated spring steel made of grade IV spring steel, is higher than the former.

    6. According to their functions in the structure, they are: compression spring steel, tension spring steel, erecting spring steel, distributing spring steel, roller, etc. the spring steel sheet in spring steel concrete structure can be divided into the following types according to their functions:

    (1) Stressed spring steel — spring steel sheet that bears tensile and compressive stresses.
    (2) Roll — a part of the cable-stayed stress, and fixed the position of the stress bars, mostly used in beams and columns.
    (3) Erecting steel bar – used to fix the position of steel hoop in the beam to form the reinforcement framework in the beam.
    (4) Distributed reinforcement – used in roof slab and floor slab, which is vertically arranged with the stressed bars of the slab, uniformly transmits the weight to the stressed bars, and fixes the position of the stressed bars, and resists the temperature deformation caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction.
    (5) Others – the structural reinforcement configured according to the structural requirements of components or the needs of construction and installation. Such as waist reinforcement, embedded anchor bar, ring, etc.