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The reason for the harsh friction sound of the torsion spring machine

    The torsion spring machine makes a harsh rubbing sound during use. The sound is small but very harsh. For such problems, we first need to check the source of the sound, and then analyze the source of such problems?

    1. It’s a new running-in period. As long as the gear is not making abnormal noises, there is no big problem. Find the place where the abnormal noises are made and apply oil.

    2. Gear abnormal noise: If it is the abnormal noise from the gearbox, then we need to check whether the gear has forgotten to add lubricating oil. If the problem still exists with lubricating oil, then we should pay attention to it.

    3. Abnormal noise of the motor: If the motor has abnormal noise, we must first determine whether the current is stable. Such problems are generally rare.

    4, Y-axis or Z-axis rotation makes the sound of friction, set the machine to manual, remove the die head and put the oil on the rag and rub the oil until the running-in place and slowly rotate.