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Tower type hydrochloric acid spring steel strip pickling unit

    1. Process overview of tower hydrochloric acid spring steel strip pickling unit
    Tower hydrochloric acid pickling means that the spring steel strip runs continuously in a vertical pickling tower, from bottom to top, and then from top to bottom.

    Into one or several spring steel belt sleeves, during the operation of the spring steel belt, the hydrochloric acid solution is continuously sprayed on the surface of the spring steel belt to prevent

    To achieve the purpose of removing the oxide scale on the surface of the spring steel strip. Continuous tower pickling units are generally equipped with hydrochloric acid regeneration devices.

    The tower hydrochloric acid pickling unit is generally composed of an inlet section, a process section and an outlet section. Import section and export section

    The function and equipment composition are no different from horizontal continuous units, except that the pickling part of the process section is arranged vertically.

    2. Advantages of tower spring steel belt pickling unit

    Compared with the horizontal spring steel strip pickling unit, the tower spring steel strip pickling unit has the following advantages:

    (1) The area is small, and the length of the unit is 30% -500-/0 less than the ordinary horizontal hydrochloric acid spring steel belt unit.

    (2) Using jet pickling, the pickling liquid is continuously sprayed onto the surface of the steel strip at a certain pressure, and the spring steel strip

    In other words, the acid liquid is constantly updated, and the mass fraction of the acid liquid in contact with the surface of the steel strip is stable, which makes the scale dissolve faster.

    Therefore, the pickling efficiency is high, and the pickling time is about 20% shorter than that of the ordinary horizontal hydrochloric acid pickling unit, and the unit speed can be

    Faster than horizontal unit.

    (3) The pickling tower is easier to close than the horizontal pickling tank. At the same time, since the tower body is completely sealed, it is especially suitable for

    Hot hydrochloric acid pickling, the temperature of the pickling solution can reach 100 cC, and no acid gas enters the workshop. Therefore, the labor hygiene regulations in the workshop


    (4) Because the acid gas is more concentrated, the capacity of the exhaust and acid gas treatment system is higher than that of the horizontal type with the same production capacity.

    The crew is smaller.

    (5) The labor and sanitation conditions for broken belts and troubleshooting in the tower are good. It can be stopped immediately when the unit is out of production or sudden accident

    Stop the acid spray, and then spray water into the tower to flush to make the tower free of acid, and then turn on the top fan for air extraction, which greatly improves the interruption

    The conditions for belt and fault handling.

    (6) The cost of pickling is low, and various technical and economic indicators are high. The cost is 20% – 300% lower than the general horizontal unit