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Valve spring automatic production line

    Valve spring automatic production line
    With the rapid development of the automobile industry, it has also promoted and driven the vigorous development of related accessories industry. Springs are used as car engines and

    The demand for other important components of the assembly is increasing, and the requirements are getting higher and higher. The spring manufacturer takes this as an opportunity to scale up,

    Up-grade, improve the degree of automation and precision of spring manufacturing to meet the needs of the development of the automobile industry, and follow the world’s advanced water

    Ping, enter the international auto parts market. In the 1980s and 1990s, large spring manufacturers in Europe, America, Japan, etc.

    Automatic production lines for springs (mainly valve springs) are distributed in developed countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and South Korea

    There must be this fully automatic production line, and some manufacturers even have multiple such production lines. my country has also introduced this fully automatic production line

    . Compared with the traditional separation or “island” processing method, this automatic production line has very outstanding advantages. First of all, its production is automatic

    High degree of chemistry, from the wire pay-off, into the automatic spring coiling machine, tempering, end grinding, chamfering the internal angle, shot peening, pressure setting, automatic testing

    And sorting. The entire manufacturing process of the spring is connected by a conveyor belt and is fully automated.

    For the finished spring, the production process does not require manual participation, which reduces many product quality problems caused by human factors and the yield rate

    High, each team only needs to allocate 3-5 people to spot check and monitor the relevant quality control points on the spot, or there is a small amount of tooling that needs people when changing varieties

    Work operation replacement; secondly, the production efficiency is high, usually up to 2000-2500 per hour, can work 24 hours, 48,000 per day

    Only -60 thousand, 1.44 million-1.8 million per month; high product precision, several key equipment such as spring coiling machine, spring grinding machine, automatic load

    The sorting machine adopts imported equipment, so the produced compression spring has high precision, 100% full inspection and sorting of the load, which meets the high precision gas

    Supply requirements for door springs. These equipment and the key components of the production line are imported from abroad, so they are durable and wear-resistant

    The performance is good. The production line introduced in the mid-1990s in China has been in operation for nearly ten years, and it is still made of high-precision valve springs.

    Make a base.

    1. Technical parameters

    The fully automatic production line for compression springs can be designed according to user needs, but as far as the current supply of valve springs with a larger production volume is concerned, the wire diameter is

    ф2mm—ф5mm, outer diameter ф20—ф50mm, height 30—80mm, its production efficiency is determined by several key equipment, namely spring coiling machine, grinding machine

    Spring machine and load sorting machine, under normal circumstances, the production efficiency is set at 2000-2500 per hour, the production efficiency can be based on needs

    And be adjusted.

    2. Production line composition and key equipment

    Compression spring automatic production line is actually the original separate compression spring production process, through the use of suitable for automatic loading and unloading

    Equipment and transmission conveyor belts connect each production step together to realize the whole process automation.

    The production process of compression spring is: discharge-online flaw detection-coil spring-tempering-end grinding-chamfering the inner angle-shot peening-hot pressing-load

    Testing and sorting-finished product storage

    Here is an introduction to several key equipment

    1. On-line flaw detector: Generally, imported equipment is used to detect wire defects online, find and mark them immediately, after the coil spring is formed

    Check out manually.

    2. Coiling spring: Since it works 24 hours a day for many years, the spring coiling machine is the key equipment for dimensional accuracy. Usually, the quality is better.

    The CNC four-axis computerized spring coiling machine with good wear resistance and high precision. For the springs with the above technical parameters, the production efficiency is greater than 35 pieces/min.

    Wafios’ spring coiling machine is the preferred configuration, and some Taiwanese and Korean machines are used. The investment cost is low, the effect is fast, and the work is guaranteed.

    Years, its accuracy can also be well guaranteed.

    3. Tempering furnace: its maximum temperature is 500ºC, the tempering temperature can be set arbitrarily according to needs, and the time of the mesh belt in the heating zone can also be set

    It can be set arbitrarily according to the needs to meet the processing requirements of different varieties of spring tempering. The domestic tempering furnace can meet the requirements.

    4. Spring end face grinder: This equipment is one of the most important equipment in the production line and the key equipment for accuracy guarantee.

    Imported from the British company, the United States and Germany, the springs are automatically fed into the feeding plate by the feeder for rough and fine grinding, respectively.

    Complete the grinding process and enter the next process.

    5. Shot blasting machine: Only the online track-passing shot blasting machine can meet the requirements of the fully automatic production line. The spring is fed by the conveyor belt and the

    The nozzles in each direction are shot peened to ensure that the shot peening coverage is ≥98%. In order to improve the service life, most of the parts in the shot peening area are

    High wear resistance material of the mouth.

    6. Hot pressing machine: In order to increase the stability of the spring and reduce the influence of slack and creep on the elastic characteristics, many valve springs have hot pressing

    The processing procedure is determined, the spring is sent to the heating furnace by the conveyor belt and kept for a period of time, and then a certain force is applied to press and loop, and then sent after completion

    In the next process, the heating temperature and time, and the pressure and time are all adjustable.

    7. Load sorting machine: The current supply requirement of most valve springs is 100% load test and sorting. This equipment is the entire

    The most important and only quality inspection and assurance equipment of the automation line requires high test accuracy and stable performance, 24 hours a day.

    Hours of operation can still maintain the accuracy of the test and the correct sorting; therefore, imported equipment (such as the US Moyer Company, German machine) is generally used.

    Prepare to shoulder this task. For example, the automatic load sorting machine in the United States can test P1, P2, and P3 at the same time, and make progress according to the test results.

    Line sorting, at most five-channel sorting, grouping in the qualified area, which greatly meets the requirements of the international spring market.