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What are metal stamping parts

    In life, there are many people who can’t tell what the metal stamping parts are? What can be called metal stamping parts? Stamping factory to answer for you!
    First split to explain: hardware, hardware also known as hardware, usually refers to gold, silver, copper, iron, tin five metals. Now processing hardware is not only these five materials, but also other metal materials. For example: magnesium, aluminum, chromium, manganese and other metals. Hardware can also be interpreted as: metal materials.
    The stamping part is a kind of part which uses pressure and die to exert external force on metal plate, material belt, pipe and profile to make the material produce plastic deformation or separate. Stamping is a method of metal plastic processing (pressure processing). Sheet metal, die and equipment are the necessary conditions for stamping. The advantages of stamping processing method are that the metal stamping parts produced are thinner, uniform, lighter and stronger than the castings and forgings; the production efficiency is high, the cost is low, and the precision is high. Stamping process with such superior characteristics is widely used in all walks of life. Application in: aviation, military industry, machinery, electronics, information, rail, transportation, medical, new energy, smart home, digital 3C and other industries.