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What are the acceptance criteria for compression springs

    What are the acceptance criteria for compression springs
    Whether the acceptance specification of compression spring is specified in which national standard / industrial standard? Is there any in the following two specifications? Please pass the specification to me. T 7944-2000 cylindrical spiral spring sampling check GB / T 1239.2-1989 cold rolled cylindrical spiral spring technical premise (our company has entered a batch of springs, the inspection part has taken a spring, stepped flat 12 times, From the original 42mm to 39mm. Does the state have a standard on the amount of compression deformation in the inspection? The response is very good. But this person sent me an email calling for the introduction of new industry standards in line with international standards

    Subordinate report: product information belongs to product category: hardware, tools / spring internal substantive significance selection: the current national and industrial standards are still low, which causes the domestic spring compression spring products to be less competitive in the international market, so as to speed up the introduction of new industry standards in line with the international rail connection

    At the 6th session of the 5th council meeting of Spring Branch of Shenzhou Machinery General Parts Industry Association held in Dalian recently, the members of the branch have grown from simple spring manufacturing enterprises to spring compression spring raw materials, spring processing equipment and inspection and measurement equipment. The property chain has been extended to improve the international market competitiveness of China’s spring products, In order to further expand the share of the international market, the participants are in line with the hope of drawing up industry standards that may be in line with international standards

    Zou Dingwei, chairman of the spring branch, said in taking over the reporter’s interview that after more than ten years of growth, the members of the branch have more than doubled, and the members of the board of directors have grown from more than 10 in the past to more than 30 today, However, in recent years, with the cooperation of some large spring raw materials, processing equipment and inspection and measurement equipment manufacturers and spring production enterprises in China under the coordination of the association, it has changed the situation that spring raw materials and processing equipment in our country are entrusted with import for a long time, which not only reduces the production cost of spring in China, but also strengthens itself, making it a real win-win situation

    As we know, after years of growth, the quality of domestic springs has changed qualitatively. However, with the growth of economy, especially the rapid growth of automobile, power generation, railway transportation and urban public transportation, the spring industry has brought about a great market, and at the same time, it has put forward one after another “difficult problems that need to be solved by others”, In front of these “difficult problems that need to be solved by others”, domestic enterprises can only hope for “difficult” problems.


    However, after years of hard work, when the spring industry has mastered the advanced technology of its predecessors, the problems of raw materials and equipment that need to be solved by others have become increasingly prominent. As a result, some spring manufacturers have to import at a high price, Raw materials, production and inspection and testing equipment have become the bottle diameter restricting the growth of spring industry in China. Although these problems need to be solved by others have been alleviated after years of efforts in metal smelting industry and equipment manufacturing industry, they are far from meeting the needs of spring industry, especially some high-end raw materials, For example, no enterprise in China can produce high stress corrosion-resistant ultra-pure spring steel, and only Baosteel can produce special spring steel for high stress spring at present,


    At present, the high-power digital control line forming machine, pipe bending machine, nitriding equipment, and large range load displacement testing machine are basically the same as the entrance. In order to solve the bottle diameter thoroughly, the association has focused on the growth of related enterprises in recent years, and let these enterprises become the governing units of the association, Involved in the spring industry market research, product development, quality assurance and other activities, synchronous growth, coordination and improvement