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What are the advantages and uses of hardware shrapnel

    What are the advantages and uses of hardware shrapnel
    Metal shrapnel is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electrical appliances, electronics, auto parts, and high-paying product parts because of its special characteristics in the metal stamping industry. Where are the advantages and uses of hardware shrapnel?
    Hardware shrapnel
    (1) It can control mechanical movement, such as valve shrapnel in internal combustion engine and control shrapnel in clutch.
    (2) It can store and output energy as power, such as shrapnel in watches and firearms.
    (3) It can absorb the energy of vibration and impact, such as the buffer shrapnel under the car and train carriage and the vibration-absorbing shrapnel in the coupling, etc.
    (4) It can be used as a component for measuring force, such as force measuring device and shrapnel in shrapnel scale.
    The ratio of the load to the deformation of the shrapnel is called the stiffness of the shrapnel. The greater the stiffness, the harder the shrapnel. If according to the nature of the force, the shrapnel can be divided into compact shrapnel and curved spring piece, etc. If it is divided into disc-shaped shrapnel, annular shrapnel, truncated scroll shrapnel and torsion bar shrapnel, etc. according to the shape division.
    Hardware shrapnel
    Advantages of hardware shrapnel:
    1. The processing size range of metal stamping shrapnel is large and large-shaped parts, such as a small clock stopwatch, to automobile longitudinal beams, covering parts, plus the cold deformation hardening effect of stamping materials, stamping has great strength and rigidity.
    2. Metal stamping shrapnel usually has no chips, less material loss, and no other heating and setting equipment. This is a material-saving, energy-saving processing, and low-cost stamping parts.
    3. The metal stamping production efficiency is high, and the control is convenient, and it can be mechanized and automated at will. This is because the stamping die and stamping equipment depend on the completion of processing. Usually, the number of strokes per minute is dozens of times, and the high pressure can reach hundreds or even thousands of times per minute. Each stamping stroke gets about one stamping.
    4. Metal stamping shrapnel molds, due to the strict size and shape of the metal stamping parts, usually do not damage the outer quality of the metal shrapnel stamping parts and the mold has a long application life, so the quality of the stamping parts is stable, the interchangeability is good, and the same effect .