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What are the advantages of nickel plating on drawing parts

    The nickel coating of precision drawing parts has high stability in air. Because of its strong passivation ability, a very thin passivation film can be formed on the surface rapidly, which can resist the corrosion of atmosphere, alkali and some acids.
    The crystal of electroplated nickel is very fine and has excellent polishing performance. The polished nickel coating has a mirror like appearance and can maintain its luster for a long time in the atmosphere. It can decorate the workpiece.
    The hardness of the nickel layer is relatively high, which can improve the wear resistance of the surface of the tensile parts, and can be plated with two layers to prevent the corrosion of the medium. The nickel coating has good wear resistance and can be used as wear-resistant coating for precision drawing parts.
    Nickel plating is about 1 ~ 3 mm thick on the precision drawing parts of special industry, which can achieve the purpose of repairing.