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What are the hardware spring faults

    Spring is one of the important foundation pieces in mechanical products. It has many kinds of varieties, according to the shape of the division is: coil spring, plate (piece) reed, disc spring, ring spring, plane (cone) worm spring, etc. ; The main pressures sustained by the spring are: bending stress, torsional stress, pressure stress and composite stress. The failure mode of the spring is mainly: break, deformation, relaxation, wear and tear. The most important analysis is fracture and deformation (loose chi).

    1. Fragile break: The most part of the spring break is a brittle fracture. Plastic fractures are only possible when the operating temperature is high. In engineering, fatigue fracture, stress erosion fracture and hydrogen brittle fracture are called brittle fractures.

    2. Tired break: The spring breaks under the act of the reincarnation load.

    3. Stress erosion fracture: the spring break phenomenon caused by the combined action of the pull stress and the erosion medium.

    4. Erosion fatigue fracture: the spring break occurs under the co-action of the reincarnation load and the erosion medium.

    5. Hydrogen brittle, cadmium brittle, black brittle: because of the spring material has too high impurities caused by the brittle break.

    6. Wear: Wear is divided into: abrasive, tired and erosion wear fracture.