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What are the main ways to strengthen the energy saving and environmental protection of heat treatment

    The energy consumption of heat treatment in our country is very high, and the environment is seriously polluted. Therefore, strengthening the energy saving and environmental protection of heat treatment has become an urgent matter in the industry. The main ways to solve the problem are:
    (1) Adopt high-efficiency and energy-saving advanced heat treatment equipment. Advanced heat treatment equipment such as multi-purpose furnace, vacuum furnace, mesh belt furnace, ion nitriding furnace, etc., while ensuring the quality of heat treatment of parts, has also achieved energy-saving and environmental protection effects.

    For heat treatment furnaces, the main measures that can be taken are: reasonable choice of energy, reasonable choice of furnace type, continuous furnace is better than periodic furnace, round furnace is better than square furnace; full use of waste heat (such as a bell furnace hood Multi-stove is an energy-saving furnace that makes full use of the waste heat of the furnace hood); optimize the design of the furnace body structure to reduce heat loss and improve thermal efficiency; as far as possible, use lightweight refractory materials with less heat storage and good thermal insulation, such as refractory fibers Energy-saving design of the furnace lining, using a sealed furnace body structure to prevent air leakage and inhalation of air; optimization of the combustion process, reasonable selection and control of the combustion coefficient;

    use of infrared radiation paint coating, used for lightweight brick and fiber composite furnace lining can save energy About 50%, it can save energy by 10%-30% when used in fuel furnace, reduce the heating time by 20%-40%, and reduce the heat loss caused by heat treatment tools.

    (2) The main measures that can be taken to adopt high-efficiency and energy-saving heat treatment processes are: strictly control the casting and forging forming process to improve the microstructure, reduce or eliminate some preliminary heat treatments; make full use of the waste heat after the casting and forging processes for treatment; use surface or Local heat treatment replaces overall heat treatment; accelerates the chemical heat treatment process: increase the carburizing temperature, direct-generation atmosphere, metal surface activation and infiltration technology, ion bombardment (ion infiltration C, N), chemical infiltration technology (rare earth infiltration method);

    reasonable Specify the effective hardening layer depth on the surface; use carbonitriding instead of carburizing, and use chemical heat treatment in the ferrite state to replace the chemical heat treatment in the austenite state; heating and quenching in the two-phase zone of hypoeutectoid steel; in the bell-type annealing H2 is used in the furnace to replace ammonia decomposition atmosphere to improve the heat transfer process and increase productivity; shorten the heating and holding time of structural steel; use high temperature and short-time rapid annealing for bearing steel, tool steel, and high-speed steel; apply computer simulation technology and computer dynamic control technology, Optimize the heat treatment process to achieve high-quality, efficient, clean and precise heat treatment.