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What is a SPEC metal spring.

    Among the types of metal springs, there is a kind called SPEC metal spring, what is it used for? What material is made? Take a look at the following introduction:

    The metal spring, also known as the metal spring, is made of metal. SPEC is the United States united spring production spring brand, United Spring is the world’s largest precision spring manufacturer from 1857. SPEC metal spring for many years in China’s high-end metal spring market occupies a leading position, from the fine hair-like precision spring to the wire diameter of 200mm giant hot roll spring, from the common cylindrical coil spring to precision heterotype spring, the United States joint spring to maintain the lead in the world, with excellent product performance and stability and well-known. United Spring products are widely used in national defense, marine, aerospace, railways, nuclear power, wind power, thermal power, construction machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, elevators, medical, electronics, watches, precision instruments and other fields. In China has successfully supported or replaced spring on equipment such as steel mills and domestic power plants.

    SPEC metal spring material.

    SPEC metal spring according to the use of requirements to choose the right material, the selection of materials include: piano wire, stainless steel, hard pull steel, Inconel, oil tempering wire, Monel, chrome palladium steel, palladium copper, chrome silicon steel, Elgiloy, phosphor bronze, galvanized wire, carbon wire and so on. United Spring has a patent for high temperature, fatigue-resistant special alloys, and commissioned the United States steel mills only for the United States joint spring production.