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Where is the most promising market in the metal spring industry

    The spring has an elongated compression feature, which absorbs and releases the bounce seamount of the vehicle as it passes through uneven road surfaces, reducing the bounce of the vehicle and keeping the wheels in as close contact as possible with the road surface. The energy generated during elongation is converted into heat energy into the air by the work of the shock absorber.

    Progressive spring using a thick, dense inconsistent design, the advantage is that when the pressure is not large can absorb the road surface fluctuations through the lower elastic coefficient of the part, to ensure the comfort of the ride, when the pressure increases to a certain extent after the thicker part of the spring to support the role of the body, and the disadvantage of this spring is that the handling feel is not direct, the accuracy is poor.

    The thickness and tightness of the linear spring from top to bottom remain unchanged, and the elasticity coefficient is fixed. This design of the spring can make the vehicle to obtain a more stable and linear dynamic reaction, conducive to the driver better control of the vehicle, more for the performance orientation of modified vehicles and competitive vehicles, the disadvantage is of course the comfort is affected.

    Other racing and retrofitted cars add a smaller, smaller auxiliary spring to a stiffer linear spring, which, in addition to increasing comfort, reduces the rebound force when the main spring is pressurized and bounces back, preventing the main spring from disengaged from the spring seat.

    Short spring than the original spring is shorter, and more stout, installation of short spring, can effectively reduce the body center of gravity, reduce the roll caused by bending, so that the bend more stable, smooth, improve the vehicle bend control.

    And the original shock absorber damping setting is comfortable, so the short spring and the original shock absorber in the fit is not very stable, it can not effectively suppress the short spring rebound and compression, driving in the bumpy road surface, there will be an uncomfortable jump, long time, the life of the shock absorber will be greatly reduced, and there may be oil leakage.

    Of course, these conditions are relatively, the daily driving will not have such serious damage, and try not to drive violently, after all, the original shock absorber can not withstand the pressure of high load.