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Where the touch spring is used

    Touch springs are special spring buttons designed for capacitive and microcontroller touch screen appliances. Touch springs are also known as touch-sensing springs, key springs, contact springs. A robust capacitive sensing alternative to conventional mechanical switches. With retractable touch buttons, touch button control products can be achieved without changing the shell mold, and touch sensitivity is excellent.

    Touch spring material:

    Qin carbon wire, low-carbon wire, high carbon steel, manganese wire, nickel wire, 60SizMNA, spring with stainless steel wire and other materials.

    Touch spring surface coating:

    Environmentally friendly nickel, nickel-free white K, straight gold, gold, silver, bronze, ancient silver and so on.

    Touch spring range:

    Suitable for induction furnaces, light wave furnaces, electric cakes, disinfection cabinets, smoke machines, water heaters, fans, dish washing machines, counting machines, massagers, electric ovens, electronic wine cabinets, water dispensers and a series of high-grade smart touch small home appliances.