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Zero run “hand in hand” FAW car, joint development!

    FAW car and zero running car had a “spark”. A few days ago, FAW sedan and zero running automobile officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Changchun. The two sides will cooperate in the R & D, manufacturing and production application of key components of intelligent electric vehicles, jointly plan and develop intelligent electric vehicle models, and integrate advantageous resources to conduct in-depth research on Key Basic Technology development, production mode innovation and other fields.
    Zero running automobile said that China’s automobile industry is in a critical stage of transformation to electrification and intelligence, and all brands are actively exploring innovative cooperation modes in the research and development, manufacturing and breakthrough of key parts and components technology. The strategic cooperation between FAW cars and zero running vehicles will explore the joint planning and development of high-quality and platform based national intelligent electric vehicles by using the vehicle platform resources and technical advantages of both sides.
    At present, Zero run vehicle is speeding up the pace of new product launch, and has a national intelligent electric vehicle planning. On April 15 this year, S01 460, the first model of zero running, was officially launched and delivered to users. Zero running is expected to be launched in May this year as a “national model” T03. Its comprehensive driving range is 403km, which is benchmarked with Euler R1, Chery EQ1 and other models.
    There is a view that the Zero run “hand in hand” FAW car, or will speed up its pace of building a national intelligent electric vehicle. At present, FAW is also increasing the development and promotion of new energy vehicles. Whether the cooperation between the two sides can produce synergistic effect in the future remains to be seen.