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Zhongkechuang reached SAIC Lingshu’s first strategic partner

    On September 8, the world’s leading intelligent operating system technology and product provider Zhongke Chuangda Software Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Zhongke Chuangda”, stock code: 300496) and Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. The company (abbreviated as “SAIC Lingshu”) strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in SAIC·Chuangxin Port. The two parties will establish a long-term stable and in-depth cooperative relationship, jointly build the world’s leading intelligent networked vehicle software platform with SAIC brand characteristics, and accelerate the construction of the intelligent networked vehicle innovation chain, and jointly build the “moat” of the intelligent networked vehicle business.
    The signing ceremony was presided over by Cui Hao, deputy general manager of SAIC RIB. Li Jun, general manager of SAIC RIB and deputy director of SAIC Technology Center, and Wu Wenguang, executive president of Zhongke Chuangda, signed the contract on behalf of the two parties. Xie Mingshi, Deputy Director of Automotive Technology Center, Zhang Xiaoli, Chief Architect of SAIC Motor’s Zero Beam Intelligent Cockpit Department, Wang Dazhi, Director of Intelligent System Engineering Department of SAIC Technology Center, Chang Hengsheng, Senior Vice President of Zhongke Chuangda and President of Intelligent Car Business Group, Zhongke Chuangda Zhang Huosheng, vice president and general manager of the second division of the smart car business group, Chen Xiao, general manager of the first division of the smart car business group, and Yang Yaoyu, director of the customer department of the smart car business group, attended the signing ceremony. .
    According to the agreement, Zhongke Chuangda will reach a 5-year stable strategic cooperation relationship with SAIC Lingshu. Relying on the superior resources and technologies of both parties, it will jointly build the world’s leading SAIC intelligent networked vehicle software platform from multiple dimensions; the construction will be defined by software Automobile-oriented development process, tools and quality system; form a UI/UE design capability and assets with SAIC brand recognition and satisfy personalized and intelligent experience; at the same time, establish a supporting platform with SAIC brand applications and development ecology . With scenes as the core, software as the foundation, and data as the driving force, it will help SAIC Motor to continue to lead and innovate on its own and joint venture brands and export models.